What types of delivery do you offer?

Standard & express, all dispatched from our South China warehouse, Shenzhen – processed via Hong Kong central mail hub. For our online customers, we now offer you greater stock availability and lower prices as goods are no longer imported into the UK. We have established relationships with agents and couriers to offer competitive delivery pricing.

How long is standard delivery?

Worldwide delivery times typically take 7 to 14 days, a slower but cost effective solution.

How long is express delivery?

From 2 to 4 working days from any of the following, DHL, EMS, UPS &/or fedex.

Delivery service

AU-MY is not liable in anyway whatsoever for delivery service performance of any of its delivery partners. Delivery is carried out independently by separate delivery companies, which in no way is controlled by AU-MY. Delivery tracking numbers provided to the customer prove the handover of goods from AU-MY to delivery partners for their fulfilment of published delivery service levels. AU-MY will not be held responsible for the untimely delivery of goods. AU-MY is only responsible for ensuring customers receive tracking numbers as proof of shipping with the concerned delivery company

How can I track my standard delivery?

Enter your tracking number on this page To track the parcel in your country, use the HK airmail tracking number on your countries tracking system (usually online). Examples of other national postal service websites where our tracking numbers can be used include,.

Canada = / USA = / China= / Spain = /
Japan = / Latvia = / France = / Australia =

How can I track my express delivery?

Your delivery confirmation email specifies which delivery company we’ve used to dispatch your express parcel. You can visit their website, and enter your tracking number (provided in your delivery confirmation email) to track your parcel. Examples of companies we use include DHL / / Fedex / Parceline