AU-MY’s high earnings & supported affiliate scheme

Reason One

Free to sign up, so you’ve no risk at zero cost

Reason Two

You’ll be selling high demand products like Drivemocion™, featured as a top 10 gadget from Germany to Brazil. What’s more, we’re due to release more related gadget which will slot right in to the same target market.

Reason Three

The affiliate scheme is managed by a third party company, ensuring you peace of mind and 100% impartial accuracy.

Reason Four

Real time tracking of impressions, sales, commissions and more – as they happen, ensuring you’re in full control of your traffic.

Reason Five

Fast payment / no need to wait around for your cash, as fast payments are issued through the third party management company.

Reason Six

Affiliates get free support, helping you with SEO, banners, images, site content and special offers on our site to contribute towards higher conversion ratios.

Reason Seven

Worldwide sales / you benefit from the worldwide access & appeal of our products.

Reason Eight

Make even more cash, as we give you the opportunity to make commission on large orders, offline.

Reason Nine

You’ll benefit from our focus on long term partnerships, we’ll be providing more products and hoping you’ll participate in advising us on what products you think need to be offered.

Reason Ten

Fresh content / we’re always offering competitions, specials & free gifts to offer our visitors more.
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