Contraceptive Pill Reminder

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What is it?

The Contraceptive Pill Reminder helps with birth control. For all women who take the Contraceptive Pill, but easily forget to, this product reminds a woman on a daily basis to take their pill.

How does it work?

A user puts their contraceptive pill pack inside the product, setting the daily audible alarm for what ever they prefer to be reminded (i.e. morning, afternoon or evening). When the alarm sounds, the user needs to dispense the pill pack to turn off the alarm.

Can I check the correct day?

On the display screen the user can check the “day” versus the day on the pill pack to ensure timing.

How do I take the product with me?

Either as a keyring (optionally), in your handbag or set in a daily place (i.e. bedside table or bathroom shelf).

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