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Wireless Key Finder
finding your keys, cell phone, and other small gadgets
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Wireless Key Finder set with 1 Transmitter and 5 Receivers - the convenient, high tech solution to finding your keys, cell phone, and other small gadgets is here. Never misplace anything again!

This wireless key finder uses the latest electronic wave search technology to locate your keys and will work up to 20 meters. it's just a matter of pressing the "find" button on the remote. A loud beeping alarm from the receiver will then alert the user of its location, even when hidden under a pile of clothes or stored inside your closet.

This key finder can make finding anything so much easier, not just keys. With 5 receivers included, you can attach one to your wallet, purse, iPod, iPhone, Swisskey or anything else portable, big or small, and it can be easily found with the press of a button. Children , Cats and dogs just love to hide things and even your mindless partner like to play pranks. Save yourself time and frustration when you find items missing by simply using this key finder.

Place your orders today while supplies last and we will express ship it to you. This key finder comes with our famous 6 month warranty and is in stock now in our warehouse right now

Features & Benefits

• Lightweight, yet durable keychain receiver.
• Includes 5 individual receivers controlled by 1 transmitter.
• Superior search technology - simple press of a button (no clapping or whistling) .
• Extra-long finding range: over 20m.
• Extended battery life: over 2 years with standard use.
• Makes the perfect gift or resale item.

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