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    OMEGAKEY comb

    OMEGAKEY 2.o™ is the lightweight and thinner key organiser that is more compact and stylish than the standard muddled bunch of keys! Noisy, messy & painful key pokes are a thing of the past with the OMEGAKEY 2.o™ as your keys are stored neatly and cleanly with the space saving design.
    The OMEGAKEY 2.o™ has an asymmetric design which means you can find your most important keys without looking. When you grab your OMEGAKEY 2.o™ you will find the key you want straight away, great in the dark and when carrying other things. The force to swing out the keys is easily adjustable by the torque of the bolts.

    Don’t panic! The OMEGAKEY 2.o™ is compatible with accessories and add-ons from the original “red” OMEGAKEY™, so you can add the tracker tool that will help you find your keys.

    OMEGAKEY Key finder