ezi"n"klean | Mini litter bags for cars

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The convenient disposable car litter bags
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What is ezi"n"klean ™

ezi"n"klean™ is a convenient easy to use car care accessory for holding typical car litter, with 10 presentable and disposable waterproof bags. It's ideal for typical in-car rubbish such as; fruit peel, apple cores, empty drink cartons, gum and general road trip snack waste. Choose where to hang or stick it (over 15 different suggested positions).

What’s the benefit?

This Smart disposable car trash bin is not only a practical gadget that save you time by keeping your car clean, but it also takes care of our environment. It helps to keep our streets and the environment free of roadside litter/ pollution. by collecting the waste that drivers often throw into nature.

how it works ?

1. Fit it in the car (hook or stick to any number of the suggested positions)
2. Fold out to reveal bags (10 bags, 19 x 21 cm, neatly stored) - or fold away if not needed
3. Fill the first bag waste, when full, rip off and dispose
4. Ripping off the front bag, reveals another

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Description Availability
50 bags ezi"n"klean-Scent free (In Stock) RRP: £12.50
50 bags ezi"n"klean -New Car (In Stock) RRP: £15.00
50 bags ezi"n"klean -Strawberry (In Stock) RRP: £15.00
50 bags ezi"n"klean -Apple (In Stock) RRP: £15.00
50 bags ezi"n"klean -Banana (In Stock) RRP: £15.00