iPad-prop™ |I pad stand for trains, planes and all occasions

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I pad stand for trains, planes and all occasions
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What is iPad-prop™?

If you’ve ever sat on a bus, train or plane with your iPad you’ll understand how annoying it is to hold while watching movies or typing on the go. It’s a very good balancing act or fantastic exercise regime for the Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

iPad-prop is a simple portable iPad stand designed to be used in between your legs with no hands.

When is iPad prop™ most useful?

1.Whether you’re Typing on the train, bus or plane anywhere you don’t have a table or flat surface.
2.Watching a movie/surfing the web in bed, on the sofa, in the back seat of your car or camping in a caravan
3.Next to your computer as a secondary display.
4.Meetings and presentations
5.In the kitchen when cooking...
iPad-prop can do it all.

Why is iPad-prop™ the NO1 iPad accessory ?

"I love my Padprop! I use it at home, at work, on the bus and at the coffee shop! So much better than any other "book stand" I have tried. And so light! Thanks for a great product!!"
Lars Dahi – 2011

“The shape it's made of makes it perfect for putting on your lap. Sitting in a waiting room, or on a bus.”
My inside gamer -2011

“Padprop is a portable stand for the iPad that offers something unique: it's perfectly designed to sit between your knees and offer a premium typing angle. ”
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) -2011

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How does it work

1. Simply slide iPad-prop onto your iPad1,2,or 3 and your good to go.
2. To adjust the screen angle, simply slide iPad-prop up or down the iPad until your happy with the view.
3. iPad-prop also features a place to store your Apple headphones. Simply slot your Apple headphones into the cut-outs, wrap the cable around the central ring, slot the headphone jack into the cut-out in the middle of the central ring and pop on the headphone cable cover, keeping your headphones neatly stored away until you need them. No more knotted headphone cables to unravel.

How long does the delivery take?

Please read the “Delivery” section from the “about us” drop down menu.

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