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Drivemocion™|Beat Maker
music visualiser for cars
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What is Drivemocion™ Beat Maker?

Drivemocion™ Beat Maker is a special sound activated car sign that will light up While you drive and enjoy your favourite songs, weather its a strong dub step beat, some hard-core Rock , jay Z , Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or your sickest HipHop the light up panel will dance with the music and glow in the dark. We have many patterns for you to choose, including the popular equalizers, patterns and many more. So pick up a few and brighten your evening driving.

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How does Drivemocion™ Beat Maker work

Installs in seconds, just stick to back windshield. Connect directly to the car internal power or via the cigarette lighter socket, then play your favourite music

- warning . Follow your local driving regulations regarding flashing panels in the car
- The light-up panel is sound activated
- The light-up panel sensitivity is adjustable via the control box
- Powered via cigarette lighter
- Compatible with 12V car

How long does the delivery take?

Please read the “Delivery” section from the “about us” drop down menu.

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