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car led emotion gift, slicker and better with extra messages
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What is Drivemocion™|EX SERIES ?

Isn't it strange how when you're driving along it's always everyone else who's the idiot? Of course from time to time we're all idiots, and for the most part not intentionally, but nevertheless it’s inevitable and puerile hand gestures always seem to follow. Well Drivemocion EX SERIES LED window car sign let's you express yourself in a more efficient and most of the time a very much more considerate manner.

Drivemocion EX SERIES is the 4th Generation in the series of car message sign, and is the most advanced car led emotion gift, slicker and better with extra messages, added fun and friendlier.

Display any one of 16 different messages including " help "” for when your car breaks down on the road , or use led messages to calm down a tense situation on the road by saying “sorry”, ask other road users to “back off” , “slow down”, say “thanks”, “goodbye” , “have a nice day” or. Use facial expression messages to send msn type led smiles :), happy and sad :( animated face LED car lights

EX SERIES has a built in escalation function, so now for the first time Motorist can express deeper (emocions) emotions from happy to ecstatic, from sad to irritated, from irritated to fuming, giving drivers a unique experience for the road.

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How does it work

The Car led Sign simply fixes to the inside of the rear car window using a power suction cup. Its remote control for the front of the car, fixes to the front windscreen (using a power suction cup) or optionally can be stored in the front compartment (its fixing bracket can be removed). With the remote control fixed to the front windscreen, pressing its buttons will activate the messages, which is very simple to operate. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries – there is no long wire to the cigarette lighter. Batteries last for approximately 4 months depending on usage.

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