2009| Drivemocion 2.0 NEW Face New Look

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What is 2009| Drivemocion 2.0

Best Drivemocion offer ever. Don’t we all feel like a change, “a 2020 upgrade”, why not just put on a new face, it's simple and guaranteed to bring you a few smiles on your daily drive to work. Drivemocion “NEW Personalise car characters” faces collection gets you a smile without pressing a button.

What is Drivemocion™?

A Cool Car Gadget, this special car led sign has messages and emocions (“smileys”) which drivers can use to communicate with other drivers, Ensure you watch the video to further understand the product fully.

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How does it work

It simply fixes to the inside of the rear car window using a power suction cup. It’s remote control for the front of the car fixes to the front windscreen (using power suction cup) or optionally can be stowed in a front compartment (it’s fixing bracket can be removed). With the remote control fixed to the front windscreen, pressing it’s buttons to activate messages is very simple to operate. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries – there is no long wire to the cigarette lighter. Batteries last for approximately 4 month’s depending on usage.

How long does the delivery take?

Please read the “Delivery” section from the “about us” drop down menu.